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Batista New Photos Looking Very Small and Skinny - New Look of Batista after lose weight

Batista New Photos Looking Very Small and Skinny - New Look of Batista after lose weight 

Check out these recent pictures of Batista at his MMA gym in Florida – looking MUCH smaller than when we last saw him on WWE television.
Since leaving WWE and not having to stay in body-builder shape, the former “Animal” is looking a lot thinner 
He wrote in Twitter 

wuussssssuuuuuuppppp mothafukas!!!! been a minute! in a nutshell...i've been travelin..DC,LA,etc.etc..,had back surgery,Cung Le seminar,opening a barber shop with my homie J McNabb,training every day twice a day with my boys Josh Rafferty,Matheus Andre,Eric Abarricin...Josh got me back on the weights and using so im back up over 270. was awesome hangin with my boy Cung Le and I can't wait to see him take it to Vitor Belfort in Nov...I'll be there fo sho. my pitbull Frankie is 8 mos 60lbs and still terrified of his own shadow. he ran from a trashbag today!!! wtf! other than that..same old,same old. answers to random questions...this is my only twitter acct, i don not have facebook, im tired of getting asked about Mason Ryan, i have no plans of going back to wrestling or wrestling for any other promotion, i have no idea why WWE released their hottest Diva, and if Bellator is serious then i would love to get that fight in!! hope everyone's peaceful,productive and focused on the perfection of themselves and not the imperfections of others. peeeeeece!!!

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