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The Cat House where room costs $5,700 per night

She lives with 700 furry felines and is dubbed the crazy cat lady but Lynea Lattanzio has insisted: 'I'm not mad!'

With hundreds of the cute creatures scratching, sleeping and jumping around the Cat House, she said: 'If I were a cat, this is where I'd be.'
Ms Lattanzio, who was banned by her mother from having cats as a child, started to take in rescue animals and strays after her divorce in 1981.

And in the following 30 years she has welcomed a staggering 19,000 moggies onto her 12 acre estate in Parlier, California.
The Cat House, which she founded just outside Fresno, also offers low-cost spaying and neutering referrals and facilitates pet adoptions.
Costing her a hefty $40,260 (£26,000) per week - or $5729.31 (£3,714) per day - to maintain, she relies on donations and a dedicated team of volunteers to help her carry out the work.


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