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Halle Berry Breaks Foot In Spain with Photos

Halle Berry Breaks Foot In Spain with Photos

  Halle Berry broke her foot in Spain this morning, and it's creating problems for the movie she's shooting.

Sources tell TMZ ... Halle was on the property where she's staying and simply took a misstep.  She heard a crack and then felt the pain.  Halle went to the hospital, where doctors put her foot in a cast. She was taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

As for the movie she's currently shooting -- "Cloud Atlas" -- sources say the immediate plan is to shoot around her.  We're told that will be a combination of things -- shooting her from the waist up, using a stunt double, and shooting scenes for the next week or two in which Halle does not appear.

The plain in Spain creates intense pain.  We just had to. 



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