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Hannibal Gadaffi and his sexy wife Aline Photos From his laptop

 Hannibal Gadaffi and his sexy wife Aline Photos From his laptop    

Pictured on boats, in nightspots and on glorious beaches, these are pictures of Hannibal Gaddafi enjoying the privileges that come with being the son of a multimillionaire dictator.
In nearly all, he poses with his glamorous Lebanese wife Aline - the pair without a care in the world as his father controlled Libya with an iron rod, subjugating his citizens and stealing their wealth.
Holidays, designer labels and various luxury items are all on show in the images, which have been released by soldiers of the National Transitional Council after they were found on a laptop.

Getting away from it all: Hannibal Gadaffi and his wife Aline on a private yacht near the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh. The images were allegedly taken from a laptop found by rebel forces
In racier shots, former model Aline drapes herself over a pool table at their home in Tripoli, while another shows her in a daringly low bikini top and cosying up to Hannibal in a restaurant in Tunisia.
Even at home with their dogs, the pair are dressed to the nines, with Hannibal sporting his best John Travolta white suit in one hilarious photograph.
Also on the laptop were found details of huge bank transfers, totalling in the order of $23m - so it is little wonder the Gaddafi children enjoyed such heady lifestyles.

Tunisia or bust: Aline leaves little to the imagination in this image, taken at an unnamed restaurant in Tunisia. The images show the carefree lifestyke of the Gadaffis before their reign came to an abrupt end
Revolutionary forces fighting loyalists in a key regime stronghold have revealed that one of their top commanders has been killed in a rocket attack.
Osama al-Fasi says the commander, Daw Saleheen, was killed today by a heat-seeking rocket while fighting in Bani Walid, southeast of Tripoli.

Saleheen was imprisoned for more than 20 years by Moammar Gadhafi's regime and was leading anti-Gadhafi forces in their battle for Bani Walid, one of the last remaining bastions of Gadhafi loyalists since the fall of Tripoli more than a month ago.
Which only gives extra incentive to the rebels tracking down Muammar Gaddafi and the rest of his corrupt clan.
Today, rebel forces claimed he was in hiding in Libya's southern desert, possibly in a vast area near the Algerian border.
Two of his sons are believed to be holed up in cities besieged by revolutionary forces elsewhere.
Col. Ahmed Bani, the NTC spokesman, said Gaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam, is in Bani Walid and another son Muatassim is in Sirte.
Another military official said they had intelligence that Gaddafi is possibly under the protection of ethnic Tuareg fighters, whose nomadic community spans the desert border of Niger, Mali, Libya, Algeria and Chad, are among Gadhafi's strongest remaining supporters.
'We do believe that he is somewhere in that region and we do know that Tuaregs are supporting him, probably because he's paying them,' Abdel-Rahman Busin said.
'It's a very large bit of land to cover. We don't have the people to cover it all and he could move around quite freely,' he added.
One report suggested Gaddafi was southwest of the desert town of Sabha.
He also said a recent attack on the border town of Ghadamis raised suspicion that the fugitive leader was hiding in the surrounding region, a vast area near the Algerian frontier. 
'Possibly they were just creating a diversion,' he said.

Pets and plush surroundings: The couple pose in their finery once again, surrounded by household pets
Pro-Gadhdafi gunmen crossed the border from Algeria to attack revolutionary forces in Ghadamis last week, killing at least nine people.
The fear is that Gaddafi may still be able to stoke violence from his hiding place, raising concerns about a protracted insurgency.
Bani said revolutionary forces were focused on consolidating control over the entire country and would hunt for Gaddafi after all cities were secured.
Speculation has been rife that Seif al-Islam was in Bani Walid and Muatassim in Sirte as both areas have put up a fierce resistance against surrounding revolutionary forces.
The top commander of revolutionary forces in Bani Walid was killed last night in a rocket attack, Bani said. He said Daw Saleheen was on a patrol in the area, 90 miles southeast of Tripoli, when he was struck by a heat-seeking rocket. Saleheen spent more than 20 years in jail under Gaddafi's regime.
Anti-Gaddafi forces had conducted negotiations with Seif al-Islam in Bani Walid a couple weeks ago, Busin said earlier, but talks about his possible surrender had broken down.
Yesterday, Syrian-based Al-Rai TV, which has become the former regime's mouthpiece, aired video of Seif al-Islam that it said was taken last week. 
The same video, however, appears to have been uploaded to YouTube on March 6. A second YouTube video appears to show the same event with an upload date of February 27, less than two weeks after the Libyan uprising began.

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