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High School Musical 3 stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley get new tattoos in New York this week

 High School Musical 3  stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley  get new tattoos in New York this week. 

High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale teamed up to get new tattoos in New York this week. 
The former co-stars, who are now best friends, visited Rihanna's favourite artist Bang Bang for a late night appointment at his parlour, East Side Ink, on Wednesday. 
The actresses, who are both in the Big Apple for Fashion Week festivities, opted for deep and meaningful etchings.

Deep and meaningful: Ashley had 'jamais seule' - which is said to be French for 'never alone' - inked on her foot while Vanessa had the symbol for 'Om' across both hands   
Ashley, 26, had 'jamais seule', which is said to be French for 'never alone', inked on her foot.
Vanessa, 22, opted the symbol for 'Om', a mantra used in meditation. She has to clasp her hands in a prayer position for the symbol, which is half on her left hand and half on her right, to be complete. 
It's the second time Vanessa has visited Bang Bang's parlour - in February she had a butterfly tattooed on her neck. 

Two tattoos and counting: Vanessa, who had a butterfly inked on her neck in February, returned to artist Bang Bang for more work
The former Disney star was pleased with the result, saying it made her feel like a 'badass'.
Ashley is also a body art veteran, she had the word 'Believe' written down her back several years ago and has 'Fearless' on her wrist. 
Her previous etchings were approved by her mother, who even accompanied her the first time around. 
'With my tattoos, my mom went with me,' she said earlier this year. 'The 'believe' tattoo is because my mom always told me to believe.'

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