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Hugh Jackman punches wrestler Dolph Ziggler as he crashes WWE match to promote robot boxing movie Red Steel

Hugh Jackman punches wrestler as he crashes WWE match to promote robot boxing movie Red Steel

He's been shot out of a cannon, challenged a robot to a fight and driven a fold-up bike through London over the last two weeks.

It would appear that there are no lengths that Hugh Jackman won't go to to promote his new movie - including taking on a professional wrestler.
The actor made a guest appearance on WWE Raw on Monday night and got in the ring with the reigning WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler.
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Kapow! Hugh Jackman punches WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler as he appears on WWE Raw in Cleveland earlier this week to promote his new film Real Steel
And what the burly American wasn't expecting was to knocked on his back by the Australian star who threw a punch at the muscly blonde from outside the ring.
Hugh started by climbing in the ring and talking to the 15,000-strong crowd at the Quickens Lona Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, telling them what a pleasure it was to be there and they should all go and see his new film Real Steel.
He was soon followed into the ring by WWE diva Vickie Guerrero, who flirted with the Wolverine star, much to the annoyance of Ziggler, who also got in the ring.

Where did you come from? Ziggler looked surprised to see Hugh at the side of the ring with his fist in the air...

... and was even more shocked when Hugh's fist connected with his jaw
He told Hugh he was upset that he had interrupted his night and kept referring to him as Batman, intentionally confusing his famed Marvel X-Men Wolverine with the Dark Knight.
A bit later, Hugh took sides with underdog wrestler Zach Ryder as he prepared to go into the ring with Ziggler.
But as he watched from the sidelines, Hugh couldn't resist getting a piece of the action himself and climbed up to the ropes and threw a punch at Ziggler which knocked him to his feet and gave Ryder an advantage.

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