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The magical Moroccan city that will cast a spell on you

The magical Moroccan city that will cast a spell on you
He was old and hunched, but what made him stand out was his coat of many colours. This was the famous Bird Man of Fez.

And as he shuffled slowly across the busy road, amid the hubbub of horn-blowing traffic, he seemed to be wearing a cloak of feathers.
Four turkeys, bedraggled but very much alive, dangled down his front, suspended on a string. Down his back hung four mallards. This was a Moroccan version of pick your own poultry. 

Arabian night: Fez city walls and the night market - a visit to the medieval city is like a journey back in time
But business was slow and he and his patchwork plumage gradually disappeared into the haze.
This medieval walled city, the cultural and spiritual centre of Morocco, sprawling across green hills, is only three hours’ flying time from London, but a world away from Europe.
This is North Africa Islamic, where the clang of coppersmiths in the labyrinthine souk merges with shrill Moroccan pop and the calls to prayer from a skyline of minarets.

Explore the maze of streets that criss-cross the souk, where each craft has its own area, from goldsmiths to herbalists, and you’ll unlock the age-old allure of Fez. 
In this kingdom of the Moors, there’s mysticism, mythology and magic. As dusk falls, crowds throng the main squares to watch conjurors, snake-charmers, letter-writers, story-tellers and fortune-tellers.
You can buy a cure for any illness, even a guaranteed love potion. The people are a cocktail of Berbers, Arabs, Africans and descendants of slaves. The dress has changed little — hooded djellaba cloaks, red tarboosh hat (the fez) and open-heeled babouche slippers.

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