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Pippa Middleton Photos in Green dress she arrives at the wedding of Humphrey Bowles to Hattie Dawson

Going green: 
Pippa Middleton Photos in Green dress she
 arrives at the wedding of Humphrey Bowles to Hattie Dawson

Since appearing in THAT dress at her sister’s wedding, Pippa Middleton has been hailed as a global style icon.

But she made a rare fashion faux-pas at a friend’s wedding yesterday, when she turned up in vivid green - a colour traditionally associated with bad luck at marriage ceremonies.

Still, the elegant below-the-knee silky dress certainly showed off the 27-year-old’s enviable assets, and was topped with an elegant black feather fascinator.
Ignoring the old adage ‘weddings and green should never be seen’ was not Pippa’s only fashion fault, however, as she also wore cross-strapped suede high-heels - and the aristocratic set consider heels unsightly at weddings. Only kitten-heeled shoes are deemed acceptable in the country
Pippa was at St Oswald’s Church in Lythe, near Whitby, North Yorkshire, for the wedding of her old friend from Edinburgh University, Humphrey Bowles, to bride Hattie Dawson. 

Pippa attended without her boyfriend of two years, Alex Loudon, a 30-year-old financier, arriving instead with her mother Carole, 56, her father Michael, 50, and 23-year-old brother James.

A source said: ‘The Middleton family were placed on the top table to “preserve their privacy”, but there were whispers that this privilege had been requested rather than granted because Carole is not really that close to the couple.’
It was the fifth wedding Pippa has attended this year, including her starring role at her sister Kate’s Westminster Abbey ceremony in April.

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