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Sittin On Tha Toilet Funny Video

I wanna make this Clear so please read this description below:
This is not me it is my Friend & Sis (Nonnie). Nonnie posted a picture of me on Myspace 2 years ago. I told her I would get her back. She uses my flip camera all the time and used it to film all of her video's of her video's that are on her page (Which her user name & page is "eedabc123"). She used my camera to make this video apparently, and she forgot to delete it from the camera. Thus led to the posting of this video (THE ULTIMATE REVENGE) Ahahahaha.

She does know I posted it if you read the very 1st comment it was from her. This was simple a prank and was not posted to try to become popular. "SHE" is a hillarious person. I not only thought this would be funny, I knew it would be even funnier if a few hundred others saw it. NEVER imagined this many ppl would EVER see it.

She has other videos on her page "eedabc123" These links below are the funniest ones (In my Opinion).

I know & have come to realize that "racism" is still very much so alive & evident as I'm sure you can see in the comments. Not to mention very rude & cruel ppl. However, if you could plz not leave rude, crude, & perverted comments on this page it would greatly be appreciated. (Even though I know some idiots will anyway).

Help me out since It's impossible for me to delete & remove all the negative comments anymore help me out & flag or spam all those who do leave them. Thanks & enjoy!!!


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