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Snooki in sexy mini-dress after giving up cocktails she shows off her weight loss

Snooki  in sexy mini-dress after giving up cocktails she  shows off her weight loss

It's a rare day when you can call Snooki Polizzi a positive role model.
The 23-year-old Jersey Shore is so fond of drinking, making a spectacle in public and abusing the English language that she's a horror to parents of teenage girls hooked on the MTV show.
Scroll down for video featuring fitness tips from Snooki

Transformation: Snooki in Atlantic City on Saturday night and right, at the Grammy Awards last year 
But when it comes to dieting, the 4ft 9in guidette is a veritable paragon of sense after losing over 15 pounds the old fashioned way, eating sensibly and exercising.
And this weekend she showed off the fruits of her labour at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, where she donned a bijou pink dress, and a pair of ubiquitous flattering nude heels. 
Still a radioactive hue, even the heavy orange tan appeared more attractive without the accompanying spherical body that in a bad light make our heroine look like a particularly animated kumquat.

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