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TOWIE's Sam Faiers photos kissing Joey Essex and give him another chance after he begs for forgiveness

TOWIE's Sam Faiers photos kissing Joey Essex and give him another chance after he begs for forgiveness
TOWIE's Sam Faiers gives Joey Essex another chance after he begs for forgiveness

After being photographed leaving a club with another woman a week ago, it appeared Joey Essex's reunion with Sam Faiers was over before it began.

But after seeking advice from his cousin Chloe Sims and friend James 'Arg' Argent, club promoter Joey decided to beg the blonde for another chance.
Wearing his heart on his sleeve in last night's episode of The Only Way Is Essex, Joey admitted he had been an 'idiot', insisting he was in love with the former glamour model.

Clash: Sam Faiers tells her ex how upset she is after their break-up a few days previously in last night's episode of The Only Way Is Essex

'I was an idiot': Joey Essex admits he made a mistake leaving a club with another woman - and dumping Sam
After giving him a telling off, Sam conceded she too was in love with Joey and was willing to give him another chance.
The couple originally dated in Series 2 of TOWIE for about four months last year before splitting during an off-season gap.

'I still love you': Joey is open about his feelings as he reveals his regrets
However, it appeared seeing Joey being photographed with another woman finally made Sam take the plunge for something for serious.
In last night's episode of TOWIE, a sheepish Joey turned up for a heart-to-heart with his ex, who he had dumped in the last episode.
Sam, 21, said: 'I'm still upset. You did (f**k up). My friends keep telling me I'll be fine, but I haven't been fine. You embarrassed me and humiliated me.'

Sheepish: Joey admits he was 'stupid' to get together with another girl
Joey, also 21, replied: 'I was an idiot. I was scared.
'I regret completely walking out of the club with that girl. I haven't spoken to her since. I said I'm sorry. It's not a big thing.'
However, Sam hit back: ' It is a big thing. I'm a girl. It is a big thing. The thought of you and another girl makes me feel sick.'
Joey then told Sam he loved her, with the boutique owner replying the feeling was mutual.

Back together: Sam agrees to forgive Joey and they decide to make their relationship official

Passion: Joey comes over to Sam's side of the sofa after she agrees to forgive him

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